<p>Computer programming using FORTRAN, C++, and Visual Basic programming languages. Scientific and engineering application computer programming. Database programming using SQL and Access.</p> <p>Computer programmers skilled in programming scientific and engineering computer applications. Programmers skilled in numerical analysis. Computer programmers skilled in C++ programming, FORTRAN programming, Visual Basic programming, and database programming (SQL).</p> <p>Computer programmers for computer program development, application program modification and lagecy program update, and scientific and engineering program testing.</p>

Scientific And Engineering Application Programming

CSEI will develop your Scientific and Engineering applications or port your applications to run on your in-house computer systems. CSEI has the programming tools, numerical background, and programming experience to successfully bring your Scientific and Engineering applications up on your computer systems and available to you in a timely manner.

CSEI has programming expertise in the following areas:

Programming Languages


Web Development

Target Operating Systems

Utility Programs

Past Computer Systems Conversions:

Past Program Development And Conversions:

CSEI - Application of finite element analysis in the design process