<p>CSEI at cseinc.org performs structural testing testing to determine structural deformations and structural stresses being generated in existing structures. CSEI performs mechanical testing of products to determine deformation and stresses generated in prototype or existing products. Structural and product static and dynamic testing is performed using strain gages and accelerometers and static and dynamic data acquisition equipment.</p> <p>CSEI at cseinc.org will verify structural designs by determining deformation and stresses generated in fabricated structures and product design by determining deformation and stress generated in prototype and existing products using static and dynamic data acquisition equipment.</p> <p>Mechanical testing and structural testing to determine mechanical deformations and structural deformations. Verify structural design and verify structural analysis by structural testing and vibration monitoring. Fabricated structural steel testing and fabricated concrete structural testing.</p>

Structural/Mechanical Testing


Verification of analysis results may be accomplished by measuring strain (stress) and vibration characteristics of the structure or mechanical product under design, and by comparing those measurements with the strain (stress) and vibration characteristics with those obtained by analysis. A high degree of correlation of measured and numerical results will provide confidence that the analysis results accurately predict the response of the structure or manufactured product to normal or extreme environments the structure or manufactured product will be subjected to over its expected life.

Testing Capabilities

Multi-channel strain gage data acquisition
Multi-channel accelerometer data acquisition
Digital data analysis and presentation


Structural vibration (frequency and magnitude) evaluation.
Equipment vibration (frequency and magnitude) evaluation.
Displacement monitoring.
Acceleration level determination.
Product stress / strain level determination.

Structural and mechanical testing should correlate with the numerical (finite element) results to provide confidence that the finite element results accurately predict the deformation and stresses generated in the structure or manufactured product under design.

CSEI - Application of finite element analysis in the design process