Stress Analysis Of Fabricated Structures
Stress Analysis Of Manufactured Products

Blueball CSEI can augment your design process by providing stress analysis of your structural or manufactured product designs.

Blueball CSEI can augment your analysis process with additional and advanced analysis capabilities.

Blueball CSEI can provide QA procedures for company-wide FEA requirements, and provide establishment and review of analysis procedures.

Blueball CSEI analysis experience includes stress, vibration and dynamics, fatigue and fracture, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses, static and transient, linear and nonlinear.

Blueball CSEI has analyzed structures and manufactured products, cast and fabricated from all types of engineering materials.

Blueball CSEI in-house stress analysis program is the ANSYS general-purpose finite element analysis program (current version).

Blueball CSEI offers structural and product static and dynamic data acquisition and evaluation.

Blueball CSEI offers comprehensive in-house stress analysis training for your designers and analysts.

Blueball CSEI provides extensive computer programming expertise and capabilities to assist your development or modification of Scientific and Engineering computer applications.

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NAFEMS Registered Analyst - Advanced Level