<p>CSEI at cseinc.org provides stress analysis utilizing finite element analysis (FEA) for mechanical design and mechanical failure analysis and for fabricated structure design and fabricated structure failure analysis.</p> <p>CSEI at cseinc.org provides stress analysis utilizing finite element analysis (FEA) for product design and product failure analysis.</p> <p>CSEI at cseinc.org utilizes mechanical stress analysis by applying finite element analysis (FEA) to identify mechanical stress in manufactured products and structural stress in fabricated structures subjected to failure analysis.</p>

Company Overview


CSEI has supported design and manufacturing with the design of fabricated structures and manufactured products, since 1981. Over these many years, CSEI has accumulated extensive experience in applying stress analysis procedures to the analysis of products and structures operating in a wide range of environments. CSEI has supported the design of structures and products ranging from relatively simple to extremely complex.

CSEI has analysis experience with most materials used to cast or fabricate structures and manufactured products. CSEI also has experience with all types of analyses including all forms of stress, thermal, vibration, and fatigue analyses and including most forms of coupled-field analyses.

CSEI has consistently develop accurate finite element models of manufactured products and fabricated structures from engineering drawings and from electronic design data-files. Design files, as well as design modification files and intermediate analysis result files, may be transmitted over the internet providing timely movement of design and analysis information between your design organization and CSEI.

CSEI will collaborate with your Engineering Design Department or your Maintenance Department to provide stress analysis support for on-going or periodic design projects. Our participation in your design process is to assist you in creating products of minimum weight that meet all your design criteria, including all stress, vibration, and thermal specifications. Our involvement in your manufacturing process is to identify manufacturing or operating problems that are stress, vibration, or thermal based, and to guide corrective design actions.

CSEI maintains Registered Analyst - Advanced Level by NAFEMS, to assist your design effort in conforming to ISO 9001 standards.

Analysis Program

CSEI will apply a state-of-the-art stress analysis program to the design of your fabricated structures and manufactured products.

ANSYS - A general purpose (large capability) finite element analysis program used for the analysis of linear and non-linear, thermal, and dynamic (vibration) response of fabricated structures and manufactured products.

Structural Testing

Complex analyses do not remove the need for prototype testing. The number of prototype tests can be reduced through analysis. Identification of critical regions of structures and products can be identified for testing purposes through analysis. Correlation of analyses with testing can provide assurance that the analyses provided quality response predictions. CSEI has structural and product testing expertise consisting of instrumentation and evaluation of test results in testing structures and manufactured products.

Analysis Training

Applying sophisticated analysis procedures to the design of complex structures and manufactured products requires designers and analysts trained in accurate and effective analysis procedures. CSEI has provided University courses and on-site training courses in the underlying theory and modeling techniques for effectively applying finite element analysis to the design of structures and manufactured products.

Integration of analysis into the design process - CSEI has assisted design and manufacturing companies with integrating stress analysis procedures into their design processes. We have the experience with this integration, allowing companies to quickly establish analysis capabilities in their designs of structures and manufactured products.

Theoretical development - An understanding of the basic mathematics applied to field problems is essential to understanding the limitations and restrictions applicable to each type of analysis.

Modeling techniques - Effective modeling procedures requires years of training. Building effective analysis models that run quickly and yield accurate results must be a part of the structure or product development cycle to participate in today's rapidly changing markets.

Advanced analysis - CSEI has successfully completed many complex nonlinear FEA analyses ranging from dynamic contact to elastic/plastic to hyper-elastic analyses. CSEI can assist your staff with learning how to apply these types of advanced analyses for the design of structures and manufactured products.

CSEI - Application of finite element analysis in the design process